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Fun Childhood Memories in My Neighborhood

December 5, 2018

My tree story is about a weeping willow tree that was in my next-door neighbor's yard. And there was a rope swing that hung from that tree and all the neighborhood kids would come and stand in line for that swing, and it wasn't just regular swinging. We had made up different rides; we called them [names] so my favorite one was called "the twister," where you'd be on the swing and somebody would twist the rope so that you had to like really fling around and hold on tight. And then there was another one called "a rollercoaster ride," that one was pretty bumpy. I didn't really care for that one, as I don't like them today. And there was "a double," and "a triple," and there was tons of other ones. It's just it was just so much fun, and we'd get kids standing in line for a really long time.

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