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Grandpa's Tree

October 8, 2018

Over 50 years ago my grandfather planted a corkscrew willow in his backyard.  As the tree reached maturity and was close to the end of its life cycle, my grandfather took a branch and placed it in water to start a root system.  He then gave the tree to my aunt, his youngest daughter, and she planted it at her first home.  When her family began to expand and they decided to move, she took a branch from the tree and repeated the steps my grandfather took to replant a new sapling at her new home.  Years later they purchased a vacation property and she again started a new sapling and began to grow another tree.  About three years ago, after hearing of the lineage of this tree, I asked for my own sapling to grow on my property.  The sapling from my aunt's tree has grown to over 15 feet tall. This tree is a fast grower with a short life span. I intend to continue this tradition, and I hope to pass a piece of Grandpa's tree on to my kids one day.

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