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The Majestic and Mighty Oak

September 20, 2018

Arms outstretched over Hobson Road and the bike paths along the Seven Bridges golf course like the covering of a bridge. The majestic and mighty oak brought a sense of comfort, peace, and awe to those who saw it daily on their walks, runs, bike rides, or drives. Many stopped to admire its size and beauty!  It described the landscape and had been there for 250 years.

Those who designed the redo of Hobson road, to make it wider, did not consider the stress on the tree from cutting the deep, buried roots or the impact cars would have driving over the roots of the mighty oak over and over again. Due to this stress and lack of water, many took charge to preserve and protect the majestic oak with phone calls to arborists to come to look at the tree, and to Woodridge Village to send out water trucks.

Sadly, many of its majestic branches were cut down. It didn't take many years for the mighty oak to succumb to disease and need to be taken down completely. Many gathered to witness this. To preserve some of this majestic oak, furniture, bowls, and other items have been made from the mighty wood of the oak. In addition, acorns from the majestic oak were saved and the Morton Arboretum has been germinating them to plant more majestic and mighty oaks!

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