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My Bur Oak

October 8, 2019

Hi, my name is Bill Dixon. I live in Lemont, IL, and this my tree story.

Thirty years ago, we moved into our present home. The big attraction was all the mature oak trees in the area. We had two 100-year-plus trees in our own yard.

Our neighbor has this HUGE Bur Oak that has a trunk diameter of about 50 inches. We so much admired the majesty and beauty of this giant. One August day about 25 years ago, I went into the neighbor’s yard and gathered four choice, large acorns. I planted the acorns in a nice sunny spot and hoped for the best.

The following year, all four acorns sprouted! I let them grow, and the following year removed the three lesser saplings and nurtured and cared for the remaining tree.

Today my “Baby Bur” is over 20 feet tall with a 5-inch- diameter trunk. For the last several years it has hosted a family of robins as well as a never-ending stream of acorn-eating squirrels. The branches are strong, thick and gnarly. This beauty will be here for a long time!

Thanks for listening,



Bur oak acorn

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