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Oak planter

Charles W
October 26, 2019

For the past few years I have been collecting acorns from my neighbors' sidewalks to plant.  I put them in water to cull out the nonviable seeds.  If the acorns float, they are viable seeds. I plant them in pots and cover them with hardware cloth, because the squirrels also like acorns.  I put them in my nursery for the winter and examine them in the spring for growth.  I take those that survive, remove the lid of hardware cloth, and replace it with a raised hat of hardware cloth.   I set the new seedlings out in the sun to collect the rain and the light. After roughly two years the seedlings are ready to be planted out in a field.  These young trees are clustered together in the manner of an oak copse, as they would have been in a prairie setting.  Recently the local forest preserve purchased the land next to the field, which will help protect them from development.

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