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Redbud Love

April 16, 2018

I was truly caught up in the spirit of my first Arbor Day celebration.  I needed a tree to plant between my driveway and my neighbor's. So, I used Arbor Day as a motivation to get out and do it.

I wanted something that introduced a little diversity and color to the neighborhood. Over the years, redbuds have become my favorite tree. They are so representative of spring to me. I just feel good when I see them, whether they are flowering or not. (How can you not like a tree with heart-shaped leaves?)

The tree has grown quickly, more quickly than I expected.  A friend commented that it must get a lot of love. In truth, the spot where it is planted is in a bit of a valley, so it gets plenty of water, if anything.  But, I do love it.  Thanks to it being right next to my driveway, I get to see and admire it every day.

Small redbud tree in bloom in yard

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