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Trees for Memories

October 23, 2018

I plant trees for many occasions and send trees to my friends to plant for certain memories. My trees in my backyard are planted when my children were born. Each tree represents some occasion. I plant a tree when loved ones leave us to remember them. I send trees to friends and family to celebrate certain occasions in their life. My love of trees bring many memories of summer shade they brought to me while enjoying a nice summer picnic and playing in the yard.

Trees make me feel happy in the fall with the beautiful colors they make, and raking and playing in the leaves. Fall trees and their beautiful colors make me feel I am with nature more and enjoy the crisp cool weather and hiking and being outdoors. And the ultimate of trees, the Christmas tree which brings many memories of childhood. A memory of the Morton Arboretum is always with us enjoying the beautiful times we had each year walking and enjoying all the events the Morton Arboretum has offered.


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