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We couldn't see the forest for the trees!

October 9, 2018

We moved to Warrenville three years ago because we found a large wooded lot, a change from our small lot in another community. The wooded edge of the property was thick with invasive plants. At the end of the first winter I was playing with our young grandaughter, exploring the back of our one-and-a-half acre lot. After pushing through lots of brambles, we came across a sight that took my breath away. In a small clearing, there stood three enormous white oaks, one still housing a tree fort from years ago.  I asked an arborist to check them out, and he confirmed that due to their age, about 250 years old,  they are heritage trees.

We have since cleared the honeysuckle from around the bases and hung a tree swing for our grandkids. Everyday I marvel at seeing what we didn't know we had: history in our backyard!

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