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Beautiful Seasons

October 24, 2018

My late husband, Dan, and l loved this tree. It sits in our front yard and was probably planted when the house was built, 1957. It’s the largest magnolia I’ve seen in this area. Every year for the almost 10 years together we would wait to see if she would bloom. Blooms on a magnolia are set the previous year and in our area sometimes the blooms suffer from cold temperatures when almost ready to bloom which results in the blooms rotting on the tree. When the tree blooms, the flowers only last a few days! But what a sight! The heavenly pink magnolia flowers and scent are worth the wait. My husband and I would sit on a swing that is situated beneath the tree. After the blooms, the tree produces very heavy green leaves and next year's blooms. The shade is dense and we enjoyed the cool shade that the tree produced all summer. In the fall the leaves come down all around the tree and must be raked in order to not kill the grass beneath. As winter comes on the buds of spring are all one can see on the multiple arms of the old tree. My husband died last year in July. In the spring I prayed the tree would bloom in all her glory so we could enjoy one last bloom together. The old tree didn’t disappoint. That tree put out one of the best blooms ever. That tree is getting tired and my arborist has fertilized and trimmed. The tree has set blooms for next Spring. I’m hoping I see another beautiful season as I remember my husband and I beneath that tree. 

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