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Endless Beauty

May 4, 2018

This old tree ... I was in the neighborhood this morning, so I had to stop by and pause, inhale the scent of those sweet blossoms, and take a picture.

That’s my swing, where Grandma pushed me a thousand times. That’s the spot where Grandpa held me up to pick those big, beautiful flowers. I can still see it all when I close my eyes and breathe in the crisp, fragrant air.

This house was a part of my family’s story for nearly 70 years. Many generations called this place home. It has been renovated and redecorated many times, but the old tree stands the same, unchanged by the test of time.

It’s the backdrop of many treasured childhood photos. It gave us fragrant blossoms each spring, welcome shade on hot summer days, piles of leaves to jump through in the autumn, and bare branches adorned with sparkling icicles in winter time. Seasons change, but beauty remains.

The endless beauty of this old tree reminds me that, come what may, life goes on. The house is practically unrecognizable in its current state, but the beauty of that tree will live on for generations to come. Isn’t it funny how when it seems like everything has changed, the beauty of God’s creation is there to remind us that nothing has really changed at all? Life is so beautiful!

Photo of a magnolia tree with pink flowers

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