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A Gift for Mom

April 25, 2018

Redbuds always remind me of the beauty of spring, the awakening from the winter and the coming of a vibrant summer. Since it's been a longtime favorite, my husband purchased a redbud tree for me when I celebrated my first Mother's Day in May 2017.

My daughter, Evelyn, was born in June of 2016, and although she was only 10 months when the tree was planted, it's been amazing to watch her grow (a little faster than the tree) alongside the tree the past year.

The tree is in the front of our home and I see it each day coming home from work or the store. Since it's "Mommy's Tree," my daughter kisses the trunk occasionally when she is playing outside. This spring will be the first time it blooms and I cannot wait to watch the tree mature, as Evelyn does, over time. 

Small girl kissing trunk of redbud sapling

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