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My Mother's Tree

November 7, 2018

When my parents were married in 1955, they didn't have a lot of money. My grandfather and my father built their home in what is now Willowbrook, but at the time was out in the middle of nowhere. They built a very modest home, and one of the things we always laughed about was that they were so broke, they had to nail their tiny Christmas tree to the living room floor since they couldn't afford a stand. My mother always wanted an oak tree in the front yard, but Dad said it would grow to be too big for the small lot and become a problem so she settled for a lovely maple instead.

My mother passed away in 2013. My brother Chuck and his wife, Vicki, came up with the idea of getting a memorial tree at The Morton Arboretum, as a way to remember our mom.  We chose a Black Oak, and the tree is still there with its memorial plaque. My father has spent a great number of hours there, bringing his chair with him so he could just sit awhile.

Dad passed away in 2016, and that tree is still a place that we find comfort as we know they are both there in spirit.


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