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A Tree for All Seasons

August 15, 2018

My beautiful crabapple grows happily right in the front of my house.  The reason I can attest to its happiness is that several times, during the spring and summer, it is sprayed with fungicide against the apple scab disease so it's nice and healthy. Then, too, it has been trimmed several times over the past 10 years so that it can be proud of its beautiful shape.

In the spring it is gloriously covered with pink blossoms everywhere, on all its branches.  You must be very vigilant at this time in late April because the blossoms can last as briefly as twenty-four hours!  At their peak, they last no more than two days. They start to fade very quickly.

However, aside from this aesthetic aspect, this tree has other values. It's a haven for our gray and black squirrels. They use it as a springboard to their own special feeder. Unfortunately, you can't see the feeder in this photo. It's on the other side of the tree. The squirrels leap from the nearest branch right onto the feeder for their next meal. And, too, a number of birds wait in the tree to have access to a nearby bird feeder.

In the fall the squirrels love to feast on the ripe crabapples. They strip the tree clean in just a few days.  It is their tree!

During the snows of winter, the tree is beautiful with its white decorations. It is a tree for all seasons.



Flowering crabapple tree in front of house

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