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October 10, 2018

After 60 years, our silver maple tree had to be cut down. It was damaged and hollow in some spots and we were afraid a high wind would cause it to fall on our house. This majestic tree had shaded our front yard for all the years we lived in our home. It was gut-wrenching and sad to see it come down.

We decided to get a new shade tree and the Arboretum plant clinic ladies were very helpful in helping us choose a new tree. After gathering the information, pamphlets, tree guides etc.,  we went around the Arboretum looking at possible replacement shade trees. 

Then we headed to a local nursery to see what was available. We ultimately decided on a Kentucky Coffee Tree which is native to Illinois. The little tree is planted in our front yard and we hope someday it will be a beautiful shade tree just like the one we had.


Thank you to the Arboretum Plant Clinic ladies that helped us with the perfect tree for our front yard!

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