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Tree is VIP at Parties

October 15, 2018

Our family lives in Downers Grove, IL, and our house is surrounded by four mature Sugar Maple trees, a pretty Crabapple tree, and giant pine trees which line one side of our property like a fence. They provide lots of shade, beauty and what I will share in my story, family fun. One of our Sugar Maple trees stands tall in our backyard, and, even though there is plentiful raking in the fall, our family loves this tree. We have sat under the shade of the tree. We have planned party times around the shade the tree offers. We have tied a cord to this tree where a dragon zipped down a line avoiding the many darts of a child's Nerf shooter. There have been pinatas hung from its branches, Easter eggs hidden in the bends of its tree bark. There have been baby swings hung from its branches, then disc swings, and upgrades to surfboard riders as the kids grow older. This tree has been the focal point of many family parties. And it goes on.  We can't imagine a yard without our beloved tree, or a family party planned without it there.

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