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Arbor Day

The Big Beautiful Tree


I have a beautiful tree at my house in the front yard, but I have never climbed it yet. Maybe someday. I would never want it to break down or get struck by lightning because it is so beautiful.

Arbor Day
October 14, 2018

My Childhood Tree


I grew up in Quincy, IL and when you reach the 4th grade, on Arbor Day, each child is presented with a tree to take home and plant in their family's yard.

Arbor Day
October 23, 2018

White Pine


When I was a kid, I lived on an 80-acre abandoned orchard in Michigan with mature oak woods and pine groves. The white pine trees were probably 30 years old. 

Arbor Day
September 20, 2018

Redbud Love


I was truly caught up in the spirit of my first Arbor Day celebration.  I needed a tree to plant between my driveway and my neighbor's.

Arbor Day
April 16, 2018
Small redbud tree in bloom in yard
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