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The Face on the Tree

October 27, 2018

My wife and I went to visit our kids in their new home in Downers Grove. They had a big yard and quite a few good-sized trees. One tree caught my eye, about 20 feet from the house. I estimate the tree to be at least 60 years old with beautiful branches. I had recently seen an ad on how you could decorate a tree. Two eyes and a nose. I purchased the articles and kept them in the car. This was to be a surprise. One day we got to their home, and they were out. This was my chance to install them on the tree. Only my wife and I knew about the face. Time passed, and my daughter and I were in the yard, and she said "Dad, that tree looks like it is watching me! It looks like it has a nose and eyes." They had blended so well into the tree and it really did look like a subtle face. She said "Dad, did you put that on the tree?" Guess she knows me.

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