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October 27, 2018

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved her grandmother's back yard. It was filled with many white pine trees. The one next to the school parking lot somehow beckoned to her. She would climb up and sit on its strong, magestic arm. It held her safely as she watched the teachers walk to their cars. Sometimes she would chat with them. She would sit there many times, perhaps whispering secrets to her strong, loyal tree. She seemed to have a special need to be alone. The tree never weakened but stood proudly, embracing the young girl in its loving arm time after time.

Each visit to her tree was special. Only the young girl and her tree knew the secrets of her heart. Time made the tree grow stronger and taller. So did the young girl. The young girl grew tall, slender, and beautiful. The tree loved her.

Fall was approaching. The tree became sad. It seemed to be crying as its needles turned brown falling to the ground. It knew winter was coming and the young girl would not be climbing back into its loving arm to whisper secrets. No one knows the true love story of the young girl and her tree except the "Maker" of them both.

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