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My Tree

September 20, 2018

I was in grade school.  It was Arbor Day, and they were giving out little saplings to all the students. I had to use the washroom, so I was excused and left the room.  When I got back, all the saplings were given out except one,  It was the scrawniest stick I had ever looked dead.  I was so upset and when I brought it home, my Dad said, "Well, lets plant it outside on the side of the house and see what happens.

Well, we planted that little stick.  We watered it and gave it lots of love and attention, and that little stick grew and grew.  It sprouted leaves and grew too tall for the small space it was in.

A few months before, there was a big storm that cracked the tree on our boulevard.  My Dad thought it might be a good idea to plant MY Tree in that place!!!! WOW, my tree in the front of my house for all to see! Well, again, my tree grew and grew, and for many decades we enjoyed the shade and beauty of that tree in the front of our house. Even after we moved away, whenever we returned, we'd always go to our old house and visit MY TREE.

large tree in front of house

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