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September 20, 2018

In 1972 my parents bought a small house in Wheaton across from my grade school.  The house was dwarfed by a large tree, beautiful and strong, in our front yard. Parents dropping their children off at the school would comment to us on the size and beauty of the tree.  Many years ago, an individual who worked for the Morton Arboretum knocked on my parents' door and told them he thought the tree may be one of the oldest in DuPage County.  For us, the tree signifies family, tradition, and comfort.  In the fall I raked the leaves; over the years I enjoyed jumping off the lower branch. The lower branch was a favorite photo spot as we grew up. Now our children enjoy that branch.  My parents are in their late eighties now but tradition still holds.  It's now our son Luke's turn. Luke and his friends are now swinging from the tree on a wonderful new tree swing.  It calls out to other kids in the neighborhood to "stop over." The tree creates bonds.  The photos taken through the years are priceless and mean so much to us. It is a beautiful tree.   


children sitting on large tree branch

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