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Nature's Healing Power

October 15, 2018

December 29, 2015. Received the call that my father had passed away, never fully recovering from open-heart surgery. We had lost mom the previous year due to Alzheimer's. That night we had tickets to illumination with friends ..the last thing I wanted to do was to go anywhere, but being a parent, and knowing the power of support and friendship, we chose to go. That was the first year we had been to Illumination, and we came along the chandelier grove, and all I could do was think of how heaven was preparing for the New Years Eve ball, and Dad did not want Mom to go was time for him to be with her once again. The healing and calming power of nature, and this particular spot is now my reflection spot. We are on our third generation of romping around the Morton Arboretum, and it's fitting that the healing spot for me is located here!

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