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Paperbark Hearts

December 5, 2018

I would call my tree story Paperbark hearts. My favorite tree is the Paperbark maple. It has beautiful cinnamon-colored bark that looks like it's peeling. It looks kind of like the pages of a book, and I'm a writer, so that really resonates with me. Paperbark maples are also native to Asia but they thrive really well here in Illinois so they're kind of an outsider, but they're still able to thrive. And I'm a little bit of an introvert. I've always been kind of different and quirky so that really resonates with me and I have a strong connection with that tree. And when I met my current fiancée I told him about this tree and I made him promise that when we get our house that we will have a Paperbark maple in our front yard. So it symbolizes, to me, the growth of our relationship and feeling cared for and loved and nurtured and so one day I hope that that tree will be in my front yard .

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