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The Ugly Duckling

December 5, 2018

I'll call my story the ugly duckling story, because my cherry tree was a baking cherry. And while my neighborhood had quite a few fruit trees, and raspberry bushes which were all very good to eat, if you've ever eaten a baking cherry they're absolutely horrible. But they look like every other cherry tree: they bud in the spring, they've got beautiful flowers, the cherries themselves look great, it just doesn't taste very good. 

I was about three or four years old and as I grew older, like every young boy you like climbing into the trees and this one was very easy for me to get up into, and be able to sit up there for long periods of time very comfortably with the added benefit of having something to eat. Like I said before, these cherries were so sour that if you ate more than one or two of them, I don't care if you put them in sugar, doused them in honey, they never tasted good fresh. I suppose maybe when they were cooked, but I never had that opportunity. So it was just a lot of fun to hang around on them.

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