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Unconditional Tree

October 8, 2018

Buying our new home was as exciting as can be, and with that new Home came the gift of a tree.There was a beautiful weeping willow and oaks that graced the yard, but this tree was different it came from afar. My Mom and Dad decided the best housewarming gift would be that of a tree, one that signifies love, strength, and prosperity.

They gave us a Japanese Maple the day we became husband and wife, and fittingly this tree encourages health and longevity of life. The tree flourished and brought a sense of beauty to all, throughout the seasons especially more beautiful in fall.  Our family had doubled and it became time to move on, so we took our Japanese maple to our new home. This was so important to us because during that time My Dear Dad passed away, and that Japanese maple continues to give me his strength every day. This tree has become a guardian and a symbol of our new home, and like one of the family, I will promise to take care of it and love it wherever I may roam. Trees become a part of us and symbolize unconditional love, from people who can still hold us and those now loving us from above.

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